Capítulo Tres: Urubamba y Munaychay (As told by Andrea Alvarez)

After our time in Quenco, we traveled to the city of Urubamba, which resembled a small town in how compact it was but a city in its bustling atmosphere. After arriving, we were given some downtime, during which one group decided to explore the city and buy ice cream. The photo groups met for some time before dinner to review and edit photos and prepare for the “photo expedition” the following day. Meanwhile the “Spaniards” practiced their conversational Spanish in a game of Heads Up. The day itself was very relaxed. After dinner, we had our first round of cultural autobiographies, where fours members of our group shared their stories and experiences related to their culture and background. This was followed by a discussion set around the quotation “If you pity my struggle, please move on. If your struggle is tied up in mine, let’s sit down and talk.” We ended the day with two entertaining and humor-filled games of mafia – complete with betrayals and lying expertise. The following morning we took a bus to Munaychay, a Peruvian home not only for orphans, but also for those coming from unstable homes. We were greeted by Lucas, a 19-year-old German volunteer living and working at the orphanage as part of his gap year. While we waited for the children to arrive from school, we were shown around the orphanage and we had some time to meet in groups – Spanish worked on vocabulary and grammar, while the “Photogs” met to learn about filming and video in preparation for out interviews with Lucas, Freddy and Angelo (two kids living at the orphanage), and other volunteers.

After our interviews, as kids slowly trickled in from school, we split up into different houses where the kids lived. Soon, everyone was playing and getting to know the kids through fútbol and playing on the playground. We closed our day at Munaychay with a couple songs and a bumpy bus ride home. Once back at the Ecolodge, we had our second round of cultural autobiographies followed by a discussion around the word “Ubuntu”, meaning “I am because you are.”

Capítulo Tres: Urubamba y Munaychay (As told by Andrea Alvarez)

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