Capítulo Cinco: Ollantaytambo & Mountain Biking in the Sacred Valley (As told by Lucie Kapner)

When we arrived in Ollantaytambo we were warmly greeted by Mr. Lambert’s friend Miguel, and his 5 year old son, Noah. We then made our way up one of Ollantaytambo’s many alley ways to our hostel. After settling into our rooms and enjoying some free time to scout out the various shops and market in town, the group rejoined for dinner at Puka Rumi, a restaurant in the center of town.

The Bird’s Eye View of Ollantaytambo


Mountain Biking Adventure!

The next morning we got on the bus and drove for 45 minutes to a spot on one of the many mountains surrounding the town to embark on a mountain biking adventure. Although many of the bikes were more run down than the ones back home, we all made it down the steep and winding dirt roads without any casualties, braving broken chains, faulty gears, and uncomfortable bike seats. While we were biking we enjoyed the amazing views surrounding us of mountains, green grass, and the occasional cow. We biked to the salt mines of Maras where 80 percent of the salt used in the Cusco region is produced. We toured the mines, and learned about how the families of Maras mine salt. After the mines, we took a bus back up the mountain, to stop for lunch and view the Inca terraces of Moray, which were used by the Incans to preform rituals to the gods. We were then presented with the option to bike down the mountain, or ride down in the bus. Both the group members in the bus and group members on bikes had a fun time down the mountain. Later that night we split into small groups for dinner to further explore the town.

Visiting the Ollantaytambo Ruins

The next morning we visited the Ollantaytambo ruins and learned more about the Inca culture through our guided tour there. Later that day we split into “Photogs” and “Spaniards” to workshop. The “Photogs” split into two groups and went around town with Mr. Lambert and Erika on mini photo assignments capturing various aspects of the town. The “Spaniards” worked on reflections for the exhibit at Winsor,  ordering at restaurants and went on a scavenger hunt.

El Gardín: Lending a Helping Hand with Friends in Ollantaytambo

Before we left for Agaus Callientes, five Winsor students went to a local kindergarten, to help paint a playground built by the parents of the students at the school. We were met by Miguel and Noah at the kindergarten and spent the morning with them, painting and visiting the kindergarten class. We then met up with the rest of the group at Heart’s Café, a group favorite, for a quick lunch before heading to the train station to begin another adventure, Machu Picchu.

Capítulo Cinco: Ollantaytambo & Mountain Biking in the Sacred Valley (As told by Lucie Kapner)

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