Capítulo Siete: Centro de Textiles, Chinchero


On our way back to Cusco today we stopped in Chinchero to visit the Centro de Textiles Tradicionales del Cusco founded by National Geographic Grantee Nilda Callañaupa Alvareza. The textile center is an inspiring place where local women create hand-made traditional weavings using natural dyes.  The center also has a weaving school so children from the community can learn the traditional weaving techniques. We learned that the Incas were highly specialized weavers, using the wool from the alpaca, llama and vicuña. Nilda gave us a demonstrations of different weaving techniques and then we had a chance to weave and make bracelets. Weaving was a challenge for most of us but in the end we all had something to show for our efforts. Before heading to lunch we had an opportunity to purchase some of the hand made goods produced by the weavers.

After our morning at the centro we enjoyed a healthy and hearty lunch prepared by Nilda’s sister. During lunch many people got the chance to try cuy, which is cooked guinea pig, a local delicacy. Lunch was delicious and featured many local favorites like fresh vegetable soup, potatoes, fava beans, chuno (naturally freeze dried potatoes), mustard greens, and native potatoes.

Capítulo Siete: Centro de Textiles, Chinchero

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