We are delighted to offer Winsor School students this specially crafted, 13-day adventure to Peru. Going beyond the tourist veneer, this program immerses Winsor students in the ancient culture of the  Inca, which we will explore in depth through workshops focused on either Photography or Spanish language. Using your Photography or Spanish language skills, you will delve into a field-based study of the issues that pose modern-day challenges for Peru: 1) public health delivery to a predominantly rural, indigenous populace, 2) access to education and 3) protecting the environment.

We will spend our time in the spectacular Sacred Valley of the Inca, nestled below the snow-capped peaks of the Andes. With this fitting backdrop, we learn about the rich archaeological and cultural history of the region. Throughout the course of the program, we have numerous opportunities to explore the three intersecting themes of public health, education, and environmental stewardship. We explore these issues through meetings with NGOs, conversations with local people, visits to health clinics, schools, and community centers, informal field research, and working on relevant collaborative development projects. In addition to daily meetings with their photography or Spanish workshop, every student will participate in periodic Global Competency workshops to allow us to actively practice being a group of culturally competent and compassionate individuals.

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